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Pirate Radio 50th Anniversary
Pirate Radio 50th Anniversary
Radio Caroline in the North Sea

Monday - 14 August 2017

Time: 14:00 - 16:00

Pirate Radio - 50 Years Ago Today!

Nigel Chorley

In 1958 a radio station started from a ship in Scandinavia and paved the way for the UK to start a radio revolution. Unknown acts or those not on a sponsored record label had little chance of being heard on the radio. So one man decided to open his own radio station - Radio Caroline.

Without the offshore influence, radio today could be very different - fewer stations, less music and programme choice, more restrictions on what can be said or played.......Who knows, but these stations made a massive difference to broadcasting.

After the increasing popularity of these stations and the murder of a station owner, the government was forced to act and at Midnight on Monday August 14th 1967 - 50 years ago to the day, they became illegal.

In two hours you will hear how pirate radio as it became known, started, came to England and spread throughout the country with such force that it changed broadcasting for ever.  

Hear the story, the stations, air checks, jingles and the purpose, development, the drama and the fun on board a radio station from a ship or a Thames Estuary fort.  

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