Nigel Chorley
Bonfire Night Special

Nigel Chorley Nigel Chorley
Welcome to tonights special broadcast for the Seaford Bonfire Procession Night on 96.3 FM.

I was born in central London and raised in Croydon, where I lived for many years before escaping to Sussex where I now live with my wife. The beauty, peace and easier pace of life far outweighed the long commute to work and I now work much closer to home so I've got the best in so many ways.

I love the diversity of the British music scene and have been an avid collector for years.
The UK Singles chart is my grail in life and I hope one day to own every song either on vinyl, cd or electronically. There is so much music to be played and so much that is forgotten by the bigger radio stations, so maybe I can try and fill that void through Seahaven FM?

Perhaps you have the same interest in music and maybe we can share it through our programs, so why not send me your requests and if we don't have your choice in our library, then I'll try my hardest to "track" it down!
Thanks for your interest.




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